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About our school

 Avalon students enjoying our beautiful surroundings. Avalon School is located at the far northern end of the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The school is renowned in its local community for providing education of the highest quality.

Characterised by a sense of community and a strong welfare focus parents, staff and community members unite to support students across a range of endeavours aimed at building their self-esteem and confidence.

Teachers target development in traditional areas of the curriculum alongside the acquisition of life long learning skills. A planned approach gives emphasis to leadership, co-operation, the power of team-work, understanding and appreciating the responsibilities of living in a diverse society, and the need to make healthy sustainable life choices. There is also a strong focus on sport and performing arts. It is within this supportive culture that individual personalities and intelligences are developed.

School timings

Start Time 9.25am
Recess 11.25 - 11.45am
Lunch 1.10 - 2.05pm
Finish Time 3.25pm