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bandsWelcome to the Avalon School Band Program.



The Avalon Public Band program is a not for profit organisation, a sub-committee of the P&C Association, totally self-funded and volunteer administered extra-curricular program.   Although it is run independently, the program is supported by the school and is a source of pride for the school community.

Our Band program is one of the longest continually running school programs, dating back to 1973 when there were 35 players, including Mrs Shaw when she was in Year 4!  Today we have over 115 players performing in 4 bands (Training, Concert, Senior and Stage) which is one of the biggest extracurricular programs at Avalon Public.

From Year 3 - 6, ALL students are invited to join the School Band program and learn a musical instrument.  Instrument compatibility (dexterity and blow tests) occur in Year 2, (Term 4) with a written offer to join the Training Band and the recommended instrument.  It is not expected that your child under take music tuition before joining the Band.  Our band program is inclusive and a place in the Training Band is offered to all applicants.  Music is a place for everyone.

As students develop in their musical ability, and as opportunities arise, they progress through to Concert Band, then Senior Band.  Students from the Concert and Senior bands that would like the extra challenge have the opportunity to join the Stage band.

Many opportunities are available for the bands to perform including ANZAC Day at Palm Beach RSL, Avalon Market Day, local charities, Education Week and other school functions. There is an annual three-day band camp which members of the band are expected to attend.

Band is a significant commitment.  All students are required to have weekly private tuition and attend ALL rehearsals and performances held during, and out of, school hours.  Failure to attend a performance lets the entire Band down as each member depends on the other to create music.

However, participation in the Band program will reward your child with a journey of creative expression, teach commitment and responsibility, build confidence in accomplishing a new skill and is also just lots of fun!

A note from the Director of the Bands

In a perfect world every child would have the chance to play a musical instrument and learn to read music. There is an enormous amount of scientific evidence showing the benefits to those who do and those benefits are life-long. It is my great privilege to be part of this opportunity for many students at Avalon Public School. This is of great personal significance to me as my own musical career began here.

My job as Director of Bands is an extremely rewarding one. I am deeply interested in helping each student to be the best that they can be and have yet to find a student that "just isn't musical". I believe it is a matter of finding the right path for each of them. I welcome open communication with parents as this process works best as a team effort.

As a Band Director I conduct bands from beginner to adult ensembles. I see in action every week the benefits of music for all my band members, from the 8 year olds to the 80 year olds, and I look forward to helping your child get started!   

Sarah Shaw

Band Director

Further information

Please refer to the attached Band Handbook for any further information you may require.

Band Handbook 2020

For all queries, contact avbandrocks@gmail.com












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