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Parent Involvement

Parent involvement and participation is encouraged and highly valued and parents respond by extending enormous support to the school. Parent support for the school occurs at all levels from the classroom to school governance. Committee involvement includes school planning, dance, band, out of school hours care, canteen and uniform store. The P&C and their subcommittees work tirelessly to support school governance and fundraising.

P&C meetings are held at 7pm in the school library in Week 4 during terms 1, 2 & 3. All are welcome.

Meeting Dates for Term 1 2 & 3 for 2024 are

Term 1: Week 4 - Monday 19 March 2024

Term 2: Week 4 - Monday 20 May 2024

Term 3: Week 4 - Monday 12 August 2024

Term 4 meeting and AGM date will be released during Term 3.

Parent and Citizen's Association

The Avalon Public School Parent and Citizen's Association is an integral part of a dynamic school community that is committed to quality education for all our students.

Our purpose is to assist the school in providing the best education possible for our children and to act as a liaison between parents and school on a variety of issues. The Association consists of an executive board that is elected by the parent body at the Annual General Meeting during Term 4. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend P&C meetings, which are held in the fourth week of  Terms 1, 2& 3.

The P&C supports the school in a variety of ways:

  • Through fundraising activities to support educational programs within our school. By providing resources such as classroom reading materials and modern technological equipment.

  • By seeking out other sources of funding, such as government grants, to improve the physical conditions, grounds, or supply of equipment or materials, such as lighting in the hall, playground equipment or library improvements.
  • By providing a voice for parents in the wider education community involving the Federation of P&C Associations and the Department of Education, Science and Training.

Under the umbrella of the P&C are a variety of sub- committees that support the school in extracurricular activities and services. They are:

  • Band Committee
  • Dance Committee
  • OOSH Committee (Out of School Hours care facility)
  • Canteen/Uniform Committee
  • Gardening Club

By being an active volunteer in the workings of the school, not only will you meet wonderful parents, students and teachers, you will be part of a fruitful and rewarding partnership in the education of your child.